Plan B has announced its second game after Century: Spice Road, Azul

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17 July 2017
SetUp-Century-Spice-Road-68746.png Century: Spice Road
From Tikal and Torres co-designer Michael Kiesling

Plan B’s debut title Century: Spice Road already seems to have taken the tabletop world by storm, with solidifying itself as a fantastic engine-building card game in the vein of Splendor. (You’ll soon be able to read what we think in the August issue of TTG.)

The fresh-faced publisher is already moving onto new things, with a newly-announced game from veteran designer Michael Kiesling, perhaps best known as the co-creator of games including Tikal, Torres and The Palaces of Carrara alongside long-time collaborator Wolfgang Kramer.

Azul centres around the drafting and placement of tiles to decorate Portuguese king Manuel I’s Royal Palace of Evora. Players take it in turns to pick tiles, later placing them to rack up their score based on specific patterns and sets – and losing points for wasted tiles.

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Azul is due to launch at this year’s Essen in October.

Plan B has already announced its plans for two further Century titles, plus future releases from Flick ‘em Up studio Pretzel Games and recently-acquired Great Western Trail and Camel Up outlet Eggertspiele.


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