Pike & Shotte supplement To Kill a King focuses on the English Civil War

21 March 2017
To_Kill_A_King_Page_fan_A_grande-44666.jpg To Kill a King
168-page volume out next month

Pike & Shotte’s next supplement will expand on the personalities and battles of the English Civil War, from the early reign of Charles I to (another) war with Scotland.

To Kill a King includes scenarios based on the period’s most notable conflicts, as well as maps and army lists for the main forces involved.

Written by Charles Singleton, the 168-page book covers army lists for the Royalists, Parliamentarians, Scottish and Irish, and features battles such as the Battle Of Cheriton, the Battle Of Torrington and the Battle Of Lansdown Hill.

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The first conflict covered is the Battle of Brentford in November 1642, with the book concluding with the the Battle of Winwick Pass in August 1648.

Also in the volume are special period-specific rules, eight pages of campaign rules covering the ’Late Misery of War' and a 10-page explanation of siege rules.

To Kill a King costs £24 and will be released in the middle of next month. Pre-orders via Warlord’s online store will pick up the exclusive Lord Minimus figure.


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