Pick up PC versions of tabletop favourites on the cheap during Steam’s Board Games Weekend sale – including Scythe

03 August 2018
scythe-digital-edition-03472.jpg Scythe: Digital Edition
From virtual adaptations to digital-only board games

PC game marketplace Steam is blowing out a bunch of digital board games during a weekend-long sale.

Steam’s Board Games Weekend, which is currently live and runs until 6pm BST on Monday August 6th, has slashed the price on both digital versions of tabletop classics and digital-only party and virtual board games.

The discounts are broken into various genres, from ‘casual and party’ and ‘adventure’ to ‘card and deckbuilding’ and ‘strategic and conquest’ games.

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Among the biggest highlights is the recently released digital edition of Scythe, which gets a minor but notable 15% price drop to £13.16 from £15.49.

Here are some of the other highlights we’ve spotted so far – head over to the Board Games Weekend page for the full list.


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