Pendulum announced by Stonemaier Games!

02 July 2020
Is this the next big game?


Stonemaier Games, known for Wingspan and Scythe, recently teased a mysterious pixelated box art on its Instagram page for its new 2020 game, and it piqued our interest.  Thankfully, there wasn’t long to wait, as they have now announced their brand new game: Pendulum.


It certainly looks obvious now!


Pendulum sees each player as a powerful noble seeking to succeed the King as the ruler of Dunya. You’ll command your workers, execute stratagems, and expand the provinces to gain resources and climb the victory tracks. It’s a competitive, turnless, asymmetric worker placement, time optimisation game designed by Travis Jones, with art by Robert Leask.


It’s set in a fantasy world (dragons are on the box!) and the theme of time is prominent throughout. The King is Timeless, and you’ll need to invest your time wisely, and build your best engines, rather than acting too quickly in the race.


Stonemaier has said this is the highest-rated prototype in the history of its Stonemaier Games Design Day, which is a strong commendation and we’ll be excited to see it in the board game wild!

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This will be available for preorder in early August 2020, to be dispatched throughout later August 2020. All first-run game boxes will be numbered. In an interview, it confirmed they had settled on the price but this would not yet be revealed. It’s for 1-5 players, will take around 60-90 minutes to play, and for ages 12+.


It's also worth noting that there're tiny easter eggs to the other games within this, let us know if you find any when it comes out!




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