PAX Unplugged is Penny Arcade’s new tabletop gaming convention

30 January 2017
PAX-35-86290.jpg PAX Unplugged is the first Penny Arcade convention dedicated to analogue gaming
Weekend show will take place this November

Penny Arcade is branching out its massively popular PAX video game conventions into tabletop gaming with a new show dedicated to analogue titles.

PAX Unplugged will take place in Philadelphia’s Pennsylvania Convention Center over in the US from November 17th to 19th this year and include the chance to play new and upcoming board games, take part in organised play and attend panels with members of the tabletop industry such as designers.

According to the announcement release, as with previous PAXes, there will also be ‘game-inspired music concerts’ – what this means in the context of board games specifically is unclear.

Unplugged is the sixth PAX event launched by web comic-cum-pop culture behemoth Penny Arcade – it has held major video game conventions regularly in the US cities of Seattle, Boston and San Antonio for more than a decade, as well as an international show in Australia.

PAX shows have previously featured tabletop games in a reduced capacity compared to their video game counterparts, but PAX Unplugged is the first time physical titles will take centre stage.

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"With the rise of popularity of board games, we wanted to provide a dedicated space where fans can come together," said Penny Arcade co-founder Jerry Holkins.

"We will continue to have tabletop games at every PAX, but Unplugged will focus on stepping away from the TV, monitor and phone to foster face-to-face multiplayer experiences."

Tickets will go on sale for PAX Unplugged in spring. Prices are yet to be announced.


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