Pathfinder RPG: Adventurer's Guide will give the lowdown on Golarian’s factions next May

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26 October 2016
1500x1500_36f8f3e65de3adceadd4022e54a7fa5c98ace36e7346e90f956197de-44116.jpg Pathfinder RPG: Adventurer's Guide will a 192-page hardcover book
18 organisations explored in 192-page hardcover book

Paizo has dated the release of its Adventurer's Guide supplement for Pathfinder.

The 192-page hardcover book will hit shelves next May, ICv2 reports, and will include rules permitted for use in the Pathfinder Society Organised Play campaign.

18 factions from across the in-game world of Golarian will be detailed in the guide, including a minimum of one prestige class and two archetypes.

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In addition, a variety of new organisation-specific spells, items, feats and abilities will be listed.


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