Party card game Obama Llama is being turned into a BBC TV show hosted by Strictly’s Len Goodman

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14 March 2017
234721195alt2-96730.jpg Obama Llama
Partners in Rhyme created by game designer and Radio 1 DJ Matt Edmondson

Radio 1 DJ Matt Edmonson, the designer of Obama Llama, has created a new TV game show that echoes the celebrity-themed rhyming mechanics of his party game.

Published by Scrawl, Bucket of Doom and Linkee outlet Big Potato, Obama Llama is a mix of Taboo and charades, with players having to act out, describe or give clues to randomly-drawn cards – always featuring a public figure and the rhyming actions they are performing. For example, Harrison Ford swallowing a sword or George Clooney doing a moony. You know, famous people stuff.

The idea is simply to guess as many of the cards in 30 seconds as possible.

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That format bears similarities to Edmondson's upcoming BBC One game show Partners in Rhyme, which will be hosted – of all people – by Len Goodman. Who presumably enjoys eating baked beans from the can or talking into a fan.

It seems like the show won’t be limited just to celeb-themed couplets, as a quote from Goodman said viewers will “try and make sense of pigs in wigs, flowers with superpowers and Lorraine Kelly making jelly”. Unless those are the contestants, of course. You can bet there will be copious use of the phrase ‘it’s a ten from Len,’ too.

A broadcast date has yet to be announced, but the series will run for six half-hour episodes – and then until the end of civilisation on Dave.

UPDATE: This article previously stated that Partners in Rhyme is directly based on the party game Obama Llama. We have since been informed that this is not the case, but that Matt Edmonson is responsible for creating both. The text has been updated to clarify this.


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