Pandemic: Season 0 Confirmed

07 July 2020
Like all stories on the internet, it started with Reddit…

Earlier this year, Z-Man announced it was postponing its Pandemic games in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, and whilst we still saw Pandemic Hotzone announced, there was no further word on the conclusion of the Pandemic Legacy series.


However, a post appeared on Reddit recently, where a user had found a listing on the Z-Man website, seemingly for the newest Pandemic: Legacy Game – Under Pandemic Legacy: Season 0. After posting this online, Z-Man removed the listing, but gave us a teaser trailer instead, confirming the name and cover of the game, with more news to follow in July 2020.


The trailer reveals only a clock counting down, whilst outside it’s raining, with a filing cabinet to one side saying MONS. This then cuts to the tagline for the game, and then the game logo.


The Pandemic Legacy line has been spectacular, and we’ve all been awaiting news on the next game to be announced. With the tagline, ‘Every Ending Has A Beginning’, we knew this before today, as it was teased at Essen Spiel, and so a prequel makes a lot of sense to conclude the trilogy, as opposed to Pandemic: Season 3.


The trailer suggests this will be in a historical setting- likely the Cold War, given the box art- as opposed to modern-day, which isn’t the first time Pandemic has approached this, but has the potential to add additional board game mechanics and requirements. That may simply be speculation, but there’s a reasonable chance it’ll allow Pandemic to make newer rules that don’t impact the later games.

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There’s no further details being announced, but media outlets are reporting additional information will be available by the end of July, which will hopefully include pre-orders and a new date for release.


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