Pandasaurus Bring Us More Dinosaur Based Games

07 September 2020
Busy thinking if they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.... but yes, they should.

Pandasaurus have brought us more and more new games recently, from CTRL, to Sonora, to Machi Koro. Interestingly though, for a company with Panda in the name, it's the Dinosaurs stealing the news space right now, with follow up information to it's GenCon announcements of Dinosaur World, and Rawr and Write. 

Coming to Kickstarter on September 22nd 2020, the games are within the popular Dinosaur Island game world, whereby it's not an expansion, but it's happening in the same space (Much like Jurassic Park and Jurassic World). 

Dinosaur World sees the method of bringing Dinosaurs into the world becoming public knowledge, and meaning that new parks pop up regularly. You'll be creating and running Dinosaur World, but triumph can also bring us tragedy! You'll need to take all precautions and ensure visitors sign the safety wavier to enjoy Dinosaur World. From there, you'll build a workforce, build your park, and gain new DNA. Try to minimise visitor deaths, though some may be expected with "overly enthusiastic dinosaur encounters", as you'll lose points for that! Gain the most victory points to win, and to make your park the very best it can be. 

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For the roll and write fans, there comes the Rawr and Write.  Using Dice, you'll draft workers in a worker placement phase. Then, comes a polyomino puzzle, where you'll need to try to fit your dinosaurs and associated attractions in - alongside roads and routes, to get the most points! It's going to need to stay safe (though as above, some lack of safety is anticipated...), but each time you play you'll find new strategies to maximise your points. 

These look great, so don't forget to sign up to reminders for the Kickstarter Launch!




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