One week to go before Miniature Wargames March is in the shops!

01 February 2019
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What do we have for the readers this month?
One week to go before Miniature Wargames March is in the shops! Images

On the cover an American War of Independence double feature with Kings Mountain. This has rules plus a scenario and – if that wasn’t revolutionary enough – we have Command Decision the Race to the Dan River February 1781 by Jon Sutherland.

Staying in that hemisphere, but moving forward in time, we have Cobrar Mambises! This has scenarios and figure suggestions for gaming the Ten Years War in 19th century Cuba.

The Woods is a new approach to fantasy gaming with a scalable system – we have an introduction to the second edition by the Author and it includes a sheep rustling scenario!

For WWII enthusiasts we have two Eastern front pieces with Tigers at Minsk, which is a hex based table top game in 15mm (with downloadable rules) and – linked to that – Surviving Stalingrad: a setup for gaming the epic struggle.

Conrad Kinch gives us a Crimean War scenario in Send Three And Fourpence with Alma adapted from Command & Colours: Napoleonic rules.

There are a pair of info pieces: there’s an interview with  Mantic on creating their new Nightstalkers range and an introduction to building 3d vehicles for Gaslands using Tinkercad software.

And you can build a fort in Darkest Africa with the Wargames Widow and a pile of waste cardboard packaging!

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For reviews we have Fantasy Facts: The usual look at the latest products in F&SF gaming from GZG; North Stars new Tribal plastics; Corvus Belli’s Infinity Starter pack; Osprey’s latest Frostgrave scenario book,  plus the latest Deep Cut products.

And there’s Forward Observer with (mostly) historical wargaming product reports North Star’s Prussians; Offensive Miniatures’ Winter Germans; Tiny Terrain; Perry Miniatures’ Agincourt plastics and more!

Finally we have Recce for a massive 15 book reviews.  And the free Club Directory!


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