One of the UK’s better online games sellers has shut its virtual doors

04 July 2017
Screen-Shot-2017-07-04-at-10.36.53-40094.png Monkeys With Fire
Monkeys With Fire burns out

The UK’s list of tabletop shops has become one name shorter today, as Monkeys With Fire announces that it is closing down.

One of the UK’s more prominent online retailers for games, Monkeys With Fire started life back in 2005 and earned a warm following among UK gamers, partly as a result of its notably competitive prices on sites such as

The store's team announced the closure via its email newsletter, adding that “every effort was made to keep the business operating, but unfortunately that is no longer possible”.

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It added that Monkeys With Fire will remain as a social media presence, posting tabletop gaming news, which will reportedly expand in coming months to include reviews, club reports, photos and competitions.

The site also has plans to begin offering video content via livestreaming platform Twitch.

“Over the coming months we shall be setting up the channel and hope to be streaming live board game sessions, roleplaying adventures, miniature painting tutorials, and of course being able to talk directly with fellow gamers in the near future,” it wrote.


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