One Night Ultimate Super Villains mixes Werewolf with ‘90s Cartoon Network

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19 June 2018
Unknown-39974.jpeg One Night Ultimate Super Villains
Standalone expansion in social deduction series includes optional companion app

If the One Night Ultimate series’ bid for complete global domination wasn’t clear enough from the recent barrage of announcements – including a Mad King Ludwig crossover and legacy game spin-off, no less – its latest instalment puts it a little more on the nose.

One Night Ultimate Super Villains swaps the classic spooky monsters of old for a more modern line-up of comic-book criminals who wouldn’t look out of place in Despicable Me or The Incredibles.

As usual, Rapscallion, Dr. Peeker and Henchman #7 are hidden among the residents of Shady Grove, but a team of superheroes from the Super Club of Overt Powers (SCOOP) are hot on their trail. In short: it’s still Werewolf.

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What is new is the art style, which is credited as taking inspiration from the ‘90s TV animations of Cartoon Network – as the sharp-edged box artwork so handily showcases. Behind the art is returning One Night illustrator Gus Batts.

As with other One Night games, Super Villains can be played by itself or mixed in with Werewolf, Daybreak, Vampire and Alien to shake up the roles in each match.

Like Werewords, there’s a companion app – but it’s optional. Providing the commentary and guide through the game’s night phase is voice actor and Dice Tower contributor Eric Summerer.

One Night Ultimate Super Villains is due to make its way through a Kickstarter campaign starting on July 30th, before arriving in shops later in 2018.


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