One Deck Dungeon is crawling its way onto PC

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19 October 2017
heroes_5-40582.png One Deck Dungeon
Digital version of pacey dice-rolling adventure game headed to Kickstarter

Fast-paced adventure game One Deck Dungeon will soon add to its catchily alliterative name with a PC spin-off, One Deck Dungeon Digital.

The app’s in the works from Handelabra Games, which previously brought baseball dice-roller Bottom of the 9th and co-op card game Sentinels of the Multiverse to the virtual world.

For now, only a PC version released on Steam has been confirmed, though given the studio’s past work and the announcement of a Kickstarter campaign to begin on November 1st, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to imagine a mobile version at some point.

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There are few details on what the app will include, but you can expect it to recreate Chris Cieslik’s speedy dice-rolling dungeon-crawling and monster-battling tabletop hit, which we admittedly enjoyed less in practice than in theory when we reviewed it earlier this year.

One Deck Dungeon only plays with one or two people with a single set (though up to four players can be supported with multiple copies), so it’s unclear what the local or online multiplayer support may consist of.

The original dice game featured a campaign mode with character progression and levelling, while standalone expansion Forest of Shadows introduced extra adventures and heroes, so we’ll be intrigued to see how fully-featured the digital edition turns out to be.


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