Notre Dame and In the Year of the Dragon getting 10th anniversary editions in 2017

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21 November 2016
CxhsgGMXcAAOSqT-78120.jpg In the Year of the Dragon's 10th anniversary edition box
Stefan Feld’s Parisian title will also include an expansion for Castles of Burgundy

Ravensburger is to reprint two of designer Stegan Feld’s best-loved strategy games next year to celebrate 10 years since their publication.

Notre Dame, which takes place in 14th century Paris and sees players attempting to make their family the most influential in the French capital by exploiting the land they own around the titular cathedral, will include both New Persons expansions.

The box will also come with a bonus trading route expansion for Feld’s 2011 hit Castles of Burgundy, which is similarly set in France. The title currently sits at number 10 in BoardGameGeek’s all-time rankings, and ninth in the strategy charts.

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The other 2007 release making a reappearance is In the Year of the Dragon, an economic hand management game set in ancient China. Taking place over 12 months, each represented by a single round, players attempt to hold off Mongol attacks and natural disaster to survive the year.

In the Year of the Dragon’s 10th anniversary edition will include the expansions from the Treasure Chest, including The Great Wall of China and The Super Events add-ons.

The release date for both games is currently pegged for March, according to BGG (via Reddit).

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