New Youtube Series from Tabletop Gaming – D&D & Don't Know

09 February 2021
Kicking off with the question to have to ask, what is D&D?

Here at Tabletop Gaming, we know there's no better delight than finding something new and exciting in the tabletop world, whether it's a new release or a new-to-you game. There's so much to offer, but so little time, and so it sometimes feels if you missed the first round of something, it's harder to catch up (yes, we're looking at you Pokemon!). 

As Online Editor Charlie began playing Dungeons & Dragons (and not stopped talking about since), it was like entering a whole new world, but one where the lore ran deep and there was so much to learn. After a series of D&D TikToks (you can find these by clicking here), Charlie is bringing her questions as a newbie to the genre to YouTube with D&D & Don't Know, meaning as she learns more, so can you!

Sometimes you just want a quick answer to the question you asked, so we're keeping these bite-sized in length, perfect for anyone starting out, or simply curious as to what they might be missing. 

Be sure to leave a comment letting us know any questions you have or may have had about D&D, so we can fill in the blanks on what we don't know.

We're kicking the whole series off with the big question: What Is D&D?

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There's more to come, but of course, we'll recommend you check out our Youtube channel in the meantime


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