New Wrath of Kings two-player starter set

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05 January 2016
2PlayerStarter_3D-07652.png Wrath of Kings: Honor and Treachery
Honor and Treachery due for release this March

Cool Mini or Not has announced it will release a two-player starter box for its miniatures wargame Wrath of Kings. Released in early 2015, Wrath of Kings is a fully scalable miniatures war game that functions off of a simple d10 system, it also features art and sculpts from the team behind Confrontation.

The Honor and Treachery: Battle for Ravenwood 2-Player Starter Box includes models for the Goritsi and Naiser factions, a quick start rule set, terrain templates, and unit cards. This box was designed as an inexpensive way for two players to begin playing Wrath of Kings, learn the rules, and start building their own forces.

The Wrath of Kings: Honor and Treachery 2-Player Starter Box is set to release in March and will retail for £49.99.

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In other Wrath of Kings-related news, EBS Hobbies will be the exclusive distributor for Dark Age and Wrath of Kings in the UK. David Doust, CEO of CMON Inc., said: “We’re excited to have EBS Hobbies supporting these two brands and helping to get these products onto the tables of fans of miniature war games. We believe with the reach and relationships that EBS Hobbies have built that this partnership will help continue to grow these two already strong and exciting properties.”

Meanwhile, Brian Edwards of EBS Hobbies added: “We here at EBShobbies are proud to be partnering with CMON for the exclusive distributorship of their miniature gaming lines of Wrath Of Kings and Dark Age. Wrath of Kings is the new game not to be missed in the gaming industry and Dark Age is a rivaled favorite. CMON have the highest quality miniatures and accessible rules and are by far the best gaming company around today and we are thrilled to be representing them in the UK.”


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