New version of Funemployed spotted in the wild

26 October 2016
81xEXAvRkiL._SL1500_-78367.jpg The new box design
…by which we mean Amazon

A quick bit of good news for you: it looks like a revamped version of party card game Funemployed is on the way.

The new box and design was spotted on Amazon US by Reddit user Box_under_the_bus, who noted that the change might be due to a change of publisher from current firm IronWall Games.

The new box is a thinner, taller package more akin to something like Cards Against Humanity rather than Funemployed’s original rectangular layout.


It’s also changed colours very slightly, dipping from the deep green to a lighter mint variety.

Otherwise, it looks like everything else is still present and correct. We just hope this version makes it over to UK shores a little faster than its predecessor.


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