New Pokemon Battle Academy and Battle Decks Confirmed, PLUS Fusion Strike Launches Tomorrow

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11 November 2021
Where do you start with Pokemon? Here's a great place.
New Pokemon Battle Academy and Battle Decks Confirmed, PLUS Fusion Strike Launches Tomorrow Images

The Pokemon Trading Card game needs no introduction, but with a highly successful Celebrations set honouring the 25th Anniversary, follow up products have been frequent and exciting. Take last week's Brilliant Star news for example, offering a brand new VSTAR style card in the next set out next year, alongside the digital news of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and the long-awaited Arceus. Today, however, just one day ahead of the new Fusion Strike Set launch, comes the news of a new Battle Academy, and new Battledecks.  

Pokemon Battle Academy has settled in the board game sphere, featuring a full battle board and three pre-built decks and instructions that take you through the game step by step until you understand the mechanics involved. We reviewed this when the game originally came out, and gave a positive rating. You can read our full review here. Whilst the game doesn't feel out of date (and was used in Tabletop HQ just this week to teach a fellow team member to play!), there are new mechanics on their way, and it is likely, with the announcement of a new updated version of the game, these will be included. This will launch in 2022, similarly offering a two player game board, three 60 card decks, tutorials and accessories. Whilst the announcement did not confirm which Pokemon would feature in these decks, images provided do – Cinderace, Pikachu, and Eevee. 

Graduating from the Pokemon Battle Academy sees you perfectly in line for its next announcement, with two new battle decks. These will be themed around Lycanroc V, and Corviknight V, offering everything needed to play the game. This will be available also as a bundle version with the V Battle Deck, with two ready to play decks, and including additional trainer cards to enhance the decks that can be swapped out later. 

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