Tabletop Gaming Podcast: We talk to Ross of More Games Please

13 November 2020
More of More Games Please? Yes, Please!

We speak to Ross of More Games Please about everything from how he got into the hobby to begin with, how Oliver Twist played a role in what we know now, how to get the best photographs for the 'gram, and how streaming is forming a new digital community. 

Telling the story behind the art in board games, Ross is well known for his phenomenal board game photography, plus his twice a week game streaming, and interviews with the artists behind the games. 

We also get his top five of the most Handsome Games, which include some really interesting facts you may not know - do you know how hand paints all of their designs? Or which game began in the artists free time as a reskin of Bonanza? You'll find out all that and more in this podcast.



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