Tabletop Gaming Podcast: Talking Issue 45

28 July 2020
From Greek gods to Massive Darkness, and more

It's that time of the month again, where we've brought out a brand new issue of Tabletop Gaming Magazine and we're excited about the amazing things inside it! Chris (Editor) and Charlie (Online Editor) took to the podcast to chat about some of our favourite parts of it this month, as well as picking out some of our favourite news stories and gaming chat. 

We chat about a favourite news story (how much would you pay for a Pokemon card?), as well as discussing the Spiel Des Jahres winner (and a little bit of appreciation for James Wallis, for his wit and All The Jahres column end!) and a little of historical winners and changes.

Plus, you'll be hearing about petulant gods as we discuss the cover image, from Dungeons & Dragons: Mythic Odysseys of Theros, plus Soulbound and gods in RPGs in general. 

We'll be talking about the latest Cardboard Manifesto, this time from Alex Sonechkina - is describing a game as simple an insult, or an underrated appreciation of it?

And some of the biggest news this month, is Massive Darkness 2. We spoke to two of the designers to get an idea of some of the changes they made and what they learnt from the first game to the second, and discussed some of our favourite things said within it. 

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And if you find yourself enjoying it and want MORE, well you're in luck, as we've been chatting to all sorts of creators recently. You can check out our conversation with Anna Blackwell about DELVE and free games, spoke with Tristen Hall about solo gaming, speaking with Dissident Whispers, Richard Jansen Parkes about Roleplaying Games, Folk Games with Ivan Brett, Card Games with Wossy, Family Games with Ellie Dix, Messy Games with Alex Sonechkina, and War games with Age of Sigmar. It's been great fun to speak with these people, so we'd recommend you check them out!


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