New Jung Pirate and Kage Kaze Zoku miniatures coming to Bushido next month

10 January 2017
wamu_promo-copy-24425.jpg Wamu and Duri
GCT Studios to release Duri and Wamu in the first week of February

GCT Studios has revealed two new characters joining its miniatures title Bushido next month.

The 33rd wave released for the fantasy battle game will consist of a new Jung Pirate and an addition to the Kage Kaze Zoku clan of ninjas.

Duri is described as a cocky ladies’ man, with a wooden leg (befitting a pirate) and astounding accuracy with his dual flintlock pistols.

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Meanwhile, Wamu is a ‘swift and nimble novice assassin’ with impressive skills despite her relative youth.

The 32mm metal models will be released in the first week of February.


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