New Edition of Age of Sigmar Takes it Further Than Ever Before

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10 May 2021
More gorgeous artwork than you can shake an ensorcelled spear at

With the epic online gaming weekend of Warhammer Fest reaching Day 6, there's been a huge announcement to close it with – in the form of Warhammer Age of Sigmar – The Next Edition. 

You can see from our header image that there's new artwork to accompany the edition, but it's not just about how it looks. There's also going to be a refined and revised ruleset to improve the game, plus "a new narrative play system lets you forge your own legend of conquest, exploration, and martial might in the Mortal Realms".

But that also means there's more to come from the Broken Realms saga - in which the Soul Wars are now over, the curse of the Necroquake has been broken, and life magic is sweeping across the realms. The new edition sees the forces of Order seeking to finally reclaim land that hasn't been theirs since the Age of Chaos, and growing Sigmar's realm with outpost cities.

However, forces of destruction are rising, as Kragnos, the newly awakened god, begins a rampage. Enter, it tells us, Yndrasta, the Celestial Spear, the winged warrior on the cover of the book, and a near mythical lord of Azyr. 


She's not alone though, as Sigmars warriors must adapt - the Reforged Stormcast Eternals are made stronger of mind and body, and wearing thunderstrike warmer with potent blessed weapons. 



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There is also a new generation of Paladin- "built like a granite column and protected by the heaviest armour we’ve seen on a Stormcast Eternal. Not only does it grant them a 2+ Save – they hit like raging bulls with all the momentum their bulk generates on the charge"

You can find our more details and keep an eye out for additional updates over on the Warhammer Community site, which you can check out by clicking here. 


Plus, wondering about Warhammer? Check out the Tabletop Gaming Podcast, where we spoke to Agents of Sigmar about getting into, out of, and back into the hobby!



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