New Detective Game from Portal Games: Dig Deeper

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05 May 2020
I'll need a deerstalker hat and a magnifying glass if I'm to do this properly

Portal Games have given us some great games, as well as some Print and Play games to enjoy in lockdown. One of its most popular is Detective, which we named an Editors Choice game in our review. In Detective, you’ll be looking to solve crimes across a modern city gameboard, which breaks the fourth wall in encouraging you to use the internet in your research. It has five different mysteries for you to solve, which are all rich stories to delve into. Until now, it’s been a single game.


Back in January 2020, Portal Games’ keynote told us of an addition to the Detective world, in its signature series. In this, the first was to be Dig Deeper, a story to be written by written by Rob Daviau, and due to be released over the course of this year.


It seems it’s time, as yesterday, Portal Games provided an image seemingly of a film poster entitled Dig Deeper, advising only ‘A new case for Detective’ and that pre-orders open on May 8th 2020.



Closer inspection of the poster gives us much more information, which is a nice touch – the detective work has already begun, it seems. The case, it tells us, is set in 1970’s Boston, where you’ll need to solve the mystery of a local politician’s untimely death, but that the case is full of surprises. The story is for 1-5 players.


We also have an introduction: "Boston has seen better days. Lots of protests. Civil unrest. Racial Tensions. It’s a brooding city struggling to find its footing. Some days it’s simmering. Some days it’s burning. What a time to fight crime. You drive a sweet car. You wear a leather coat. Maybe crack a skull or two now and again."

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We praised the story telling in Detective, and the above suggests it will be equally praiseworthy. There are no further details at this time on price from Portal Games, (though, speculatively,  Dice & Decks have a listing of it with an RRP of £12.99 and a release date of 1 June 2020), but there’ll be more to find out from Portal Games when pre-orders open on May 8th, 2020.




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