New Dates for UK Games Expo 2021

25 January 2021
A slight delay for a better chance of occurring

It's not a new story - COVID-19 has been affecting our ability to go to shows for almost a year now, causing cancellations, delays, and virtual shows. With the vaccine, many are commenting on the hope for an end in sight, but this will take time. As a result, UK Games Expo has moved from its usual annual event dates to ones later in the year. It will now take place between 30th July 2021 and 1st August 2021. 

The hope is for the normal show, but it's planning for two forms of the show, being the standard style show that you may have attended in the past, or a socially distanced show. The latter, socially distanced show would be at a higher ticket price. They comment on the difficulty in knowing how the circumstances will be when the date comes around, which echoes the feelings of many at the moment, given the uncertainty COVID-19 has generated. 

Ticket wise, you'll be able to purchase tickets for 2021 after Easter, and can sign up for email updates on its site for when this will occur. If the event is unable to take place or is a socially distanced show, you can either pay the difference in cost to attend the socially distanced event or roll the tickets over to 2022. 

The show will take place at the NEC Birmingham, and you can subscribe to the newsletter to keep informed by scrolling to the bottom of the announcement and selecting 'Stay Informed'.

You can also keep an eye out for Tabletop Gaming Live 2021! Our annual event was forced to go virtual in 2020, but we're hoping for a 2021 return. Check out more details by clicking here, or relive the fun of the Virtual Tabletop Gaming Live 2021 by checking out the video with out fun awards ceremony below!

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