New Cyberpunk Battle Mats from Loke Battle Mats

18 June 2020
How to look impressive with minimal effort

We’ve all been there. A new exciting game to run, but the week is going by too fast, and we haven’t got time to prepare the detailed map for our RPG that we’d love to produce. We might be able to grab something online, but it’s missing the finished look that makes our games run so smoothly.

Pre-built maps are not new, and Loke BattleMats has been releasing these for us for some time. However, they’ve ticked a lot of boxes with theirs, so with the announcement of the new CyberPunk themed Battle Map books, they’re perhaps worth checking out.




The books are published in two sizes, so you can easily pick which matches your game style the best, but contains over 60 maps. The smaller is the Big Book of CyberPunk Battle Mats and A3 The Giant Book of CyberPunk Battle Mats. They’re a collection of pre-built maps across areas such as CyberPunk, modern-day, and Post Apocalyptic RPGs. Whether you have a favourite, or if your gaming party regularly switches things up, you’re still ready to go with minimal preparation.



We’re pleased to see also these are marked as having a 360-degree spine, which is perfect for when you’re trying to play without interruption – there’s nothing worse than scrambling to find something to hold the pages down so the book doesn’t spring closed when you’re in the middle of an adventure!


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That’s not to say that all maps in the book are double-paged, however you can mix and match to however you want to set up your game, as double-paged maps will be complimentary – or can be simply played on their own.


Plus, these are wipe-clean pages, meaning you can set up your game and add to it easily, changing and creating as you go, and removing if necessary.


You’ve probably seen the Loke Battle Mat Books before – there are big and giant books for battle, sci-fi, dungeon, and a little book and add on scenery for dungeons too, but this is the first venture into CyberPunk, and so far, it looks pretty good.


The CyberPunk Books will be available from July 1st 2020


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