New Call of Cthulhu Mansions of Madness Volume 1 Out Now

06 May 2020
With all the disappearances and secrets, is this RPG version of Midsommer Murders?

If Call of Cthulhu takes your interest, Chaosium has provided a great potential addition to your collection, in Mansions of Madness Volume 1: Behind Closed Doors, which can be purchased on PDF from today. 


Inside Mansions of Madness, there are two updated and revised classic Call of Cthulhu scenarios, in Mister Corbitt (not the four candles kind), and The Crack’d and Crook’d Manse. You’ll also find brand new scenarios in The Code, The House of Memphis, and The Nineteenth Hole.


In Mister Corbitt, you’ll be questioning if a retiring local businessman hides a terrible secret, and be tasked with solving the riddle to save the day. In the Crack’d and Cook’d Manse you’ll be investigating the missing new owner of the cursed Fitzgerald Manse.


An unusual home isn’t restricted to the Fitzgerald Manse though, as in the new scenarios, you’ll be investigating the bizarre events afflicting Wellington Manor in The Code. Then, in the House of Memphis, you’ll investigate the disappearance of the magician Memphis the Great, followed by the disappearance of the owner of Thistledown Golf Club following strange happenings in The Nineteenth Hole.


You can play the adventures in a mini-campaign (not necessarily in the order above), add them into your ongoing campaigns, or simply as standalone adventures. They can be played for up to six players and their keeper, in between one and three sessions.


They are advised for those who have some experience within the world of Cthulhu, suggesting Doors to Darkness and Gateways to Terror, for which this would be an ideal next step.

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The PDF itself is 224 pages, and you can purchase that now over on the Chaosium site for $19.99. Otherwise, you'll be able to pick up a hardback version in September 2020. If you'd rather both, Chaosium has also said on its site that a purchase of the PDF now, will gain you a discount nearer the release for the hardback version.


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