New Book to Keep You Busy with: Board? Games!

22 May 2020
A family-friendly book bursting with games


Remember the book The Floor Is Lava? (Full title, The Floor is Lava: and 99 more screen-free games for all the family to play.) Well the author Ivan Brett is back again with a brand new book called Bored? Games! 101 Games to Make Every Day More Playful, which is a collection of small family games to amuse kids away from screens – and outdoing his last, by two additional games.


Bored? Games! will be available in paperback and e-book from June 25th 2020. The book recognises how difficult it is at the moment when you can’t see family and friends, in recognition of how important play and connection is to all of us. As a result, the book offers a range of games that are quick to learn, simple and straight forward, so it’s easy to dive right in and get started straight away.


Though the book isn’t an education focussed one – the games themselves are there for enjoyment, learning is an advantage – there are a range of educational games that would fit into the type of children’s learning necessary at the moment with schools closed. The writer, Brett, is a primary school teacher, recommending activity and fun-lead education.


If you’re tired of Online Video Chat Quizzes and have fallen into a pattern, this will give you a range of games to play to try to change things up. Of course, with 101 games there’s a little of something for everyone. Single-player, two-player, and multiplayer are just the beginning, as there are games to play in your head, games to play on your feet, and games to play with your hands.


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You can get your hands on a copy of Bored? Games! from June 25th 2020.



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