Nefarious, the game of bonkers scientific invention from the designer of Dominion, is getting its first expansion

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09 March 2017
nefariousexp-prodannounce-blog-01_0-88192.jpg Nefarious and Becoming a Monster
Becoming a Monster will add 20 inventions, 25 twists and three special role cards

Dominion creator Donald X. Vaccarino’s 2011 game of inventing crazy scientific gadgets and gizmos, Nefarious, has had its first expansion unveiled.

Becoming a Monster will add 20 fresh inventions to the title, which sees players racing to construct everything from freeze rays and robot pets to cloaking devices before their rival scientific geniuses while bossing minions around and trying to steal their opponents’ plans.

There will also be 25 new twist cards in the box, two of which can be drawn randomly at the start of a match and offer a different setup for every game, forcing players to mix up their tactics.

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Finally, Becoming a Monster includes three special role cards that complement specific twists, expanding the range of actions available to the players.

Nefarious: Becoming a Monster will be out this May.


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