Mysterium to haunt iOS, Android and PC next month

09 November 2016
pic3250147-06341.jpg Mysterium's digital edition will include online multiplayer and a solo story mode
Digital version of pictorial co-op title will include story mode and Hidden Signs expansion

Brilliant co-op social title Mysterium is passing into another world. The digital world, that is.

If you’re unfamiliar with Mysterium, players take on the role of psychics attempting to discover the unfortunate fate of a voiceless ghost – played by one of the group, who is unable to speak for the game’s duration.

What the spectre can do is provide visions in the form of gorgeously-illustrated picture cards, placing in front of the psychics to indicate a killer, murder weapon and location. The living then attempt to discover their individual combination of clues before time runs out, ultimately identifying the person responsible.

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It’s a really great game that’s often described as Cluedo in reverse, and if you haven’t picked it up already you’ll soon be able to give it a go on mobile and PC.

Asmodee Digital has announced that Mysterium will come to iOS, Android and Steam in December, costing $7 on the mobile platforms and $10 on PC.

The digital version includes online multiplayer for up to seven players, with a solo story mode exploring the backgrounds of the psychics, beginning with the first clairvoyant and expanding with later updates to cover the remaining five.

The game’s first boxed card expansion, Hidden Signs, will also be available from launch as an in-app purchase – although the price was not confirmed.


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