Mysterium passes into the digital realm with mobile and PC launch today

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12 January 2017
mysterium-ios-1-18664.png Mysterium on iOS
Co-op title lands on iOS, Android and Steam with solo story mode and cross-platform multiplayer

Mysterium has finally come to iOS, Android and Steam after its initial launch in December last year was postponed.

The digital version of the co-op ‘Cluedo in reverse’ deduction game includes online multiplayer for up to seven players (it’s cross-platform so mobile and PC fans can team up), as well as a solo story mode delving into the backgrounds of the six psychics.

If you haven’t played Mysterium, here’s a quick recap: one player is a ghost, attempting to send the remaining players, taking the role of clairvoyants, clues to the nature of their untimely demise. They do this by placing a combination of visually rich picture cards in front of each player, attempting to indicate a specific killer, murder weapon and location with images alone.

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Mysterium’s first expansion, Hidden Signs, is available as an in-app purchase in the digital edition, which costs $7 (£6) on mobile and $10 (£8) on Steam.

The game is due out sometime today (Thursday) on all platforms, but a specific time hasn’t been given for the launch – we’ll attempt to send you all psychic messages when we see it go live.


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