My Little Scythe, the family-friendly remake of the strategy hit by a father and daughter, is getting a full release

03 May 2018
my-lil-scythe-60253.jpg My Little Scythe
Hoby Chou and six-year-old Vienna created stripped-down version of Scythe originally set in world of My Little Pony

A family-friendly remake of mech-nificent strategy hit Scythe that started as a print-and-play mod set in the world of My Little Pony is getting a release as a full, proper board game.

My Little Scythe was created by Canadian father-daughter team Hoby and Vienna Chou, who was just five years old when she helped co-design the charming game last spring. The ambitious makeover went on to win BoardGameGeek’s user-voted award for the best print-and-play game of 2017.

Scythe creator Jamey Stegmaier himself was “incredibly impressed” by the pair’s efforts to condense his game’s unique action-selection mechanics into a faster, simplified format suitable for younger players. So impressed, in fact, that he later contacted Hoby to discuss turning the fan-made project into an official spin-off.

The Chous’ original mod was set in My Little Pony’s world of Equestria – hence the name – and Stegmaier said that he contacted Hasbro to ask about securing the rights to the fantasy series for the game, but was told “they weren't interested”.

The published My Little Scythe is instead set in the Kingdom of Pomme, where players control animals racing to increase their friendship (in place of popularity), complete quests, and deliver gems and apples to Castle Everfree. Instead of Scythe’s mech-on-mech combat, the animals can have pie fights, and can learn magic spells to help them on their way.

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Scythe’s expansive choice of actions has been trimmed down to three: move, seek or make. Similarly, players are still trying to earn trophies, but only need four of eight, rather than six.

My Little Scythe’s box is a huge step up from the print-and-play version, with 14 miniatures (plus a painting guide), five custom dice, 24 apples, 24 gems and more, all stored in a custom insert from Game Trayz – which includes apce for an as-yet unannounced expansion.

Illustrator Katie Khau has provided some delightfully gorgeous My Little Pony-esque art to chime with the approachable theme.

It plays in under an hour with up to six people – aged eight and up – and includes a solo mode based on Scythe’s own Automa deck.

Stegmaier’s own Stonemaier Games label will be releasing the game this summer, launching it at Gen Con before a wide release on August 17th. The box will be $50 (£37).


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