Mutant Chronicles 3E charity bundle gives you the RPG’s entire collection on the cheap

28 February 2019
mutant-chrons-18156.png Mutant Chronicles: Third Edition
Gaming for good

The latest Bundle of Holding is a double-whammy of Mutant Chronicles deals, offering up the chance to grab the third edition of the game and its entire series of supplements and expansions for far below its regular price.

There are two separate collections currently live on the charity bundle site, which says it will donate 10% of the money raised by both to Vision Rescue, a non-profit dedicated to combatting child poverty in India.

The first bundle is a repeat of the starter collection deal offered a few years ago, and comes with the core rules for the third edition of Mutant Chronicles, plus its player’s guide, a couple of sourcebooks and a game master screen, in PDF form for $13.

Up your pay-what-you-like price to over $21 and you’ll also nab five extra supplements, including the Dark Symmetry campaign.

The second bundle, meanwhile, gathers together the Dark Legion and Dark Eden campaigns if you pay over $26 – as well as the rest of the books in the Mutant Chronicles range from publisher Modiphius.

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The lower $15 tier for the Mutant Darkness bundle includes the Whitestar, Dark Eden and Dark Soul sourcebooks, plus the Mutants & Heretics faction book.

All in all, the deal is said to be worth several hundred dollars. The Mutant Chronicles Bundle of Holding runs for another couple of weeks.

Also on the site at the moment is a separate bundle for fantasy RPG Ironclaw, bringing together the game’s first and second editions and a smattering of supplements.


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