Munchkin is being turned into an Arcadia Quest-style board game next year

29 November 2017
Cover-Art_-Arcadia-Quest-18087.png Arcadia Quest
CMON signs multi-year deal to turn Steve Jackson’s card game into board games

Despite its countless spin-offs and expansions, Steve Jackson’s hugely popular comedy card game Munchkin has somehow never been turned into a board game. Until now.

Steve Jackson Games has signed a multi-year deal with Blood Rage and Zombicide studio CMON to adapt Munchkin into a series of board games, with the first due out next autumn.

What’s perhaps most surprising is that the upcoming untitled game is described as being inspired by CMON’s dice-rolling dungeon-crawler series Arcadia Quest, although with few other details at the moment it’s unclear exactly what this means.

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Although unconfirmed, CMON’s announcement of the Munchkin board game seems to imply that it will stay true to the distinctive visual style of artist John Kovalic, who has illustrated most of the series’ instalments since it debuted in 2001.

A statement from Steve Jackson Games CEO Phil Reed refers to CMON’s experience producing miniatures – could a set of figures based on Munchkin be in the works?

“With their history of producing high-quality miniatures and games, we believe Munchkin’s rich history and cast of classic characters will shine,” Reed said.

“Munchkin has been a mainstay within the board gaming hobby for many years, so being able to put our touch on this iconic franchise is truly amazing,” CMON’s CEO Chern Ann Ng added. “We can't wait for players to see what’s in store."


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