Movie prop auction is your chance to own board games from the World of Warcraft

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16 May 2018
img06-85474.jpg Warcraft: The Beginning
Fidchell, Morris and playing cards appeared in Lion’s Inn scenes of Warcraft: The Beginning

Fictional board games have a long and varied history of appearing on screen, but it’s not often that the chance arises to play the actual games from TV shows and movies yourself.

Outside of those games that dedicated creators decide to bring to life themselves – such as A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones’ Cyvasse – or those popular enough to warrant an actual real-life version from a proper publisher, including Tak from Patrick Rothfuss’ The Wise Man’s Fear, most on-screen games get little more than a background glimpse or momentary shot.

That makes the appearance of not just one, but several, board games from the 2016 film adaptation of video game Warcraft especially exciting.

The games are part of a mass auction run by Prop Store, which also includes hundreds of costumes, weapons and other LARP-friendly bits from Duncan Jones’ ambitious but critically-savaged Warcraft: The Beginning.

All three of the games appeared during scenes set in the World of Warcraft’s Lion’s Pride Inn, played by patrons of the fantasy drinking house.

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Although they were simply for show and don’t include rules, board game Morris appears to be closely based on Roman strategy game Nine Men’s Morris. The Warcraft version includes a wooden board, leather storage game and metal counters; the current bid sits at $90, just under its $100 asking price.

More complex is Fidchell, another strategy board game that includes a die, two bone pieces, a cork, 12 white playing pieces and 24 brown counters. Although the board itself resemble several traditional games, there’s no obvious counterpart that we could think of – although the internet would no doubt reverse-engineer some rules given the chance. With more pieces, it’s at a slightly higher asking price: $120, with the current high bid just $10 below.

Last is a deck of playing cards. Although they bear some resemble to a traditional deck of numbers and suits, the Warcraft deck includes 93 cards with some seriously impressive artwork. They’re actually the most expensive game of the bunch, asking $250 for the lot.

The auction will run for another week or so, so if you’re desperate to get as close as you can to owning board games from the real World of Warcraft, get your bids in soon.


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