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09 July 2021
Volume Two confirmed

Unmatched: Battle of Legends Volume Two has been announced and confirmed as part of the Dice Tower event, a follow up to the original volume that offers asymmetrical skirmish play. In fact, you can see a review of the first in issue 57 of Tabletop Gaming Magazine, where we commented on being excited for potential follow ups. 

The game will include a new battlefield, a new mechanism, and then additional prewashed miniatures, custom life trackers, and the artwork we were such a fan of. Of course, the question is who the figures will be of, having begun with Sinbad, Alice in Wonderland, Arthur, and Medusa.

Volume two contains four new heroes, with Yennenga, Achilles, Sun Wukong, and Bloody Mary.

The keen eyed will have seen that Princess Yennega had been announced previously, a ranged warrior ruler, but now confirmed ar Sun Wukong (The Monkey King and legendary mythical creature in chinese culture with magical powers), Bloody Mary (the urban horror legend of the figure who will attack you if you say her name in the mirror),and Achilles, the greek hero with a foot complaint. 

Suitable powers will follow – Sun Wukong can trick their opponents, Achilies relies on his love, and so on. 

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A number of Unmatched games are planned for the future, and though this has no release date, it will join the pending space on our shelves of that such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Marvel characters who have been confirmed but not yet released. 

You can see the trailer in the below tweet:


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