Modiphius and Ninja Division ink chibi miniatures deal for Siege of the Citadel

20 September 2016
5b606289cf6a81ebf00ae7b454b8f6fa_original-45030.png Chibi Murdoch's reverse
Kickstarter backers able to net up to eight different figures, which can also be used in Super Dungeon Explore
Modiphius and Ninja Division ink chibi miniatures deal for Siege of the Citadel Images

The crowdfunded reboot of Mutant Chronicles minis game Siege of the Citadel is about to get a whole lot… cuter.

Modiphius’ Kickstarter campaign for an updated second editon of Richard Borg’s 1990s techno-fantasy title has already raised close to triple its initial $60,000 target, with just under three weeks to run.

Now, the publisher has teamed up with fellow tabletop firm Ninja Division to transform its ace squad of heroes and monsters into adorable chibi versions of themselves.

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A chibi (that’s ‘short person’ in Japanese – usually in the context of also being overly cute) model of Edward Murdoch will be bundled in for all backers who pledge at least $69 for the base version of the game, including those who stump up over £149 for the Dark legion stretch goals.

Two further add-on packs will chibi-fy Valerie Duval, Mitch Hunter, Tatsu, Attila III, Dark Legion Legionnaire, Dark Legion Necromutant and Dark Legion Nepharite.

As well as working as alternative models for Siege of the Citadel, the chibi goodies and baddies will also include complete rules that allow them to be used in Ninja Division’s Super Dungeon Explore.

Siege of the Citadel’s Kickstarter campaign ends on October 8th.


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