Miniature Wargames issue 409 is out in just a few days…

18 April 2017
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Yes, it’s that time of the month again: the next issue of Miniature Wargames is about to hit the shops and your letter box.
Miniature Wargames issue 409 is out in just a few days… Images

Yes, it’s that time of the month again: the next issue of Miniature Wargames is about to hit the shops and your letter box. What’s in this issue? 

What’s up and coming in (mostly) historical wargaming. This month we look at the latest battle mats from both Cigar Box and Deep Cut Studios plus the Bolt Action 2 Operation Sea Lion; WW2 Secrets; Death in the Dark Continent; and more including Pendraken’s latest releases.

Bagging Boris: Conrad Kinch gives us a scenario for use with Black Ops rules set in that noted hotspot of villainy the Republic of Borduria.

Robin and Lady Marian run the risk of capture in a medieval skirmish scenario. Chris Jarvis offers a simple scenario for a short medieval skirmish.

Are old rule systems worth a second look? Andy Copestake of Old Glory certainly thinks so and tells us why the rules of Wells, Grant, Wesencraft, Featherstone, and Gush make such sense in his gaming world. Wise words…

What do you do after a Seven Years War game finishes a wee bit early? Rather than watch the telly, Arthur Harmen suggests a bit of period based mano a mano... Included is a full rule set that needs just two figures and some playing cards.

Phil Andrews gives us some ideas gives us some game ideas for the use of support and supply vehicles in tactical gaming 

This month Fantasy Facts has its usual round up of what’s out in the world(s) of non-historical gaming. There’s a first look at Runewars from Fantasy Flight Games; a brief try out of Modiphius’ latest offering Fallout (based on the computer game) and – amongst the other reviews from Sally 4th, Brigade and Ainsty – there’s also a full set of rules for VSF Sky Galleons with Cloudships of Mars (with extra web content) and a scratch building guide for small scale (1/300th) models.

Kevin Dallimore paints some Mark Copplestone figures that would make a fine command unit for any suitable rule set in the Dark Continent. A full brush-by-brush exclusive.

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Another look at what inspires us to take up the hobby. Robin Miles gives us a view of what drives him.

Books for wargamers - what’s a good read and what to leave on the shelf. This month’s titles that run the gauntlet of our experienced review team include: The General Vs The President; My Memoirs of the British South African Police, 1966-1981… and a colonial upbringing in Northern Rhodesia; Napoleon and the Archduke Charles: a history of the Franco-Austrian campaign in the valley of the Danube 1809; Third Reich Victorious: alternate decisions of World War II; Wargame The Spanish Armada 1588 and The Roman Invasion AD43-84; In the Legions of Napoleon: the memoirs of a Polish officer in Spain and Russia 1808-1813; Courage In Combat; Barksdale’s Charge: The true High Tide of the Confederacy at Gettysburg July 2, 1863; Miners at War 1914-1919.

Toupee Trees: Diane Sutherland sets about scratch building a very practical canopy of trees combining caltrops and horsehair for wargames mass foliage.

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