Meet the Investigator from a Parallel Dimension in Arkham Horror

06 May 2020
A whole parallel universe out there to share, and you bring a tote bag?

When rains, it pours! But, in a good way. We recently told you about the brand new expansion to Arkham Horror in the Innsmouth Conspiracy, and now Fantasy Flight have also announced more additions – this time, in Beyond Our Dimension. As a printable addition, this introduces a Parallel Investigator and challenge scenario for Arkham Horror; The Card Game.


The Investigators for Arkham Horror have remained unchanged throughout its game history. Now, it asks what if a parallel dimension were close by, just slightly askew from our everyday existence? And, what if that meant the investigator was just slightly different?


Enter Daisy Walker, who has been on the same campaigns since the core set, who now enters as a parallel investigator. From the original version, she has changed, now providing one single game-changing moment – you can trigger the action ability of every Tome you control as a free action. Plus, she can pull any tomes in the game into her deck. You’ll lose the benefits of the original Daisy Walker, but these are great new options for horror-based sleuthing. You’ll also gain Daisy’s Tote Bag, and The Necronomicon, which can be used with either version of Daisy Walker.


The game cards look similar, however (in line with being from a parallel dimension) just slightly different – the image remains, but the colouring and stats are different.


It's not just Daisy, of course, you’ll also have the opportunity to play these within a new challenge scenario – Read or Die. You’ll need both the Core Set, and The Dunwich Legacy Deluxe Expansion to play but as it’s a free print and play, so you can get these straight away!


Daisy appears to be just the beginning, as there’ll be new parallel investigators to look for in the coming months.


You can download both the rules and the cards over on Fantasy Flight, to begin your new adventure.

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