Mechs vs Minions designer teases possible expansion for League of Legends board game spin-off

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21 June 2017
CsvEhPRVUAIEZnA-41375.jpg Mechs vs Minions
‘It might not be what you're expecting,’ says Chris Cantrell

Mechs vs Minions, the fantastic co-op board game based on the insanely popular PC game League of Legends, might be set for its first expansion.

Created by League of Legends developer Riot Games, the game – which sees players programming their smashing, stomping robots with sets of cards to hold off incoming waves of nasties over the course of several unique missions – was released late last year to a rapturous reception from critics and players alike.

Available initially in fairly limited numbers, Mechs vs Minions has had several extra waves of copies released in the months since, making it easier to track down the box.

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Now it looks like the game might be getting its first expansion, if a rather cryptic comment from designer Chris Cantrell is anything to go by.

Responding to a BoardGameGeek thread asking about extra heroes and content for the game, Cantrell simply said:

“We're listening. It might not be what you're expecting, but I hope to have more to share in the next month or so.”

Whether it’s an extra hero or a fully-fledged expansion – or something completely different – isn’t clear, but we’ll certainly be keeping our ears tuned on any future news about the top-notch title over the next few weeks.


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