Mantic looking to publish book of fan stories for NaNoWriMo

28 October 2016
enforcers-plague-00277.jpg Stories need to be set in the World of Mantica or the Warpath universe
Publisher seeking ten-page tales inspired by World of Mantica and the Warpath Universe

If you’re a budding author who also happens to be a diehard fan of the creations of miniatures maker Mantic, you could be in with a shot of seeing your work in print.

The publisher has launched a competition as part of the worldwide NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) that takes place every November.

Fans who have an idea for a tale based on “events, battles and character stories from both the World of Mantica and the Warpath Universe” can enter a ten-page story for the chance to be published in an official Mantic novel, as well as up to $150 in store credit, an official certificate and a copy of the Mantic Compendium.

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It seems that Mantic hasn’t quite decided what to do with the stories yet, as it acknowledges that “10 pages does not equal a novel” and “any or all of the top three selections may be chosen for publication” – meaning the final book could be a single tale or an anthology of shorter stories.

“When we say a chance to be published, we really mean it,” the publisher adds. “If we find that of the three there were some amazingly beautiful pieces of work, we will not only give that person the prizes they deserve, but go into discussion about how Mantic would like to use it.”

More information about what Mantic is after will be announced at the start of next month, but you can swot up on the current requirements over on the company's blog.


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