Mantic Games releases Uncharted Empires

18 December 2015
unchartedempires-34178.jpg Uncharted Empires
New book introduces nine armies to Kings of War

Hot on the heels of the second edition of its mass fantasy battles wargame, Kings of War, Mantic has just released a new supplement called Uncharted Empires. Clocking in at 76 pages, the book introduces nine brand new armies into the world of Kings of War, along with a little more back story about the different races of Mantica.

In quite a canny move by Mantic, the armies included in the Uncharted Empires supplement bear a striking resemblance to races that you may have used in other fantasy wargames, e.g. the Salamander Armies are lizard people, the Ratkin are humanoid rats and the Herd is made up of all manner of beasts. Sound familiar?

However, each of these familiar races has been given their own twist by Mantic to fit in with the wider Kings of War background. These new races definitely add a little extra colour to Kings of Wars’ standard armies that include typical fantasy tropes like undead, dwarves, elves, etc. What’s more, a special rules committee and members of the community have tested these new army lists thoroughly to ensure they fit comfortably into the existing rules/armies available for Kings of War.

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Two of the more interesting factions included in Uncharted Empires are the Trident Realm of Neritica and the Night-stalker Armies, as these are two entirely original races created by Mantic. The Trident Realm is made up of mermen and sea creatures, while the Night-stalkers are nightmarish spider-like phantoms or bizarre creatures with plenty of teeth. Mantic has already sculpted Naiads, which form the core troops of the Trident Realm, so it’ll be interesting to see what its got up its sleeve for the Night-stalkers.

Overall this is a welcome addition to Kings of War from Mantic and one that’s sure to encourage fans of other fantasy games to perhaps give the second edition a go.


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