Mansions of Madness’ second DLC scenario, Dark Reflections, is out on PC and mobile

07 August 2017
ss_979dce1b5899cd82bc4fc121d00e65b338ac704e.1920x1080-23224.jpg Dark Reflections
Three- to four-hour mystery involves hunt for missing writer

The latest downloadable scenario for Mansions of Madness’ second edition has arrived.

Dark Reflections is the second digital-only expansion for the app-powered co-op horror game, following last year’s What Lies Within.

Like that pack, Dark Reflections adds an extra scenario to the game’s companion app.

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This time around, the story involves the hunt for a missing writer after former journalist Ada Miller disappears. The search ends up taking a predictably Lovecraftian turn, with torn-up journals, alternate worlds and mysterious voices in the house.

Dark Reflections is a little easier than What Lies Within, reducing the difficulty rating down to three stars (from four out of five), but measures in at a good deal longer, taking between three and four hours to complete.

The new scenario is £3.99 and out on Steam for PC, Google Play and Amazon Digital.


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