Mansions of Madness’ next expansion takes Horrific Journeys on trains, airships and boats – and a traitor’s along for the ride

03 July 2018
mad27_sample-75371.png Mansions of Madness: Horrific Journeys
Agenda cards introduce secret objectives and unique win conditions

The latest expansion for Mansions of Madness will take the Lovecraftian mystery game to sea, sky and rail.

Horrific Journeys arrives with three new scenarios for the digital companion app, each taking place during a trip on a train, boat or airship – represented on the tabletop with a selection of new environment tiles.

There’s four new investigators, too, including a sailor, spy, musician and waitress with various talents in searching for clues, casting spells and rerolling during tests – at the cost of potential insanity.

The first of the scenarios is 10:50 to Arkham, a search for a vanished colleague on a speeding train. The second, Murder on the Stargazer Majestic, is – you guessed it – the hunt for a killer above the clouds.

The most intriguing of the tales is Hidden Depths, a story set aboard the RMS Morgana ocean liner involving strange accidents, Lovecraftian sea monsters and a sudden explosion.

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Hidden Depths introduces an additional gameplay feature, agendas, which builds on the insanity mechanics in the original Mansions of Madness. Rather than potentially turning on their former companions after suffering too much horror, players can now begin a scenario with a secret objective that might pit them against their friends.

Some agenda cards might mean that nothing changes and everyone is still working together, while others might make one of the investigators a monster in disguise, trying to disrupt the investigation and win via unique conditions.

For the moment, it sounds like the agenda cards will only play a role in Hidden Depths, but it should bring a dash of deception and mistrust to the co-operative experience.

Horrific Journeys will be out towards the end of the year and cost $60 (£45) when it arrives.


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