Make tracks with Pacific Rails Inc

10 January 2020
It’s an engine builder, gedit?

Vesuvius Media have launched the kickstarter campaign for their new train-track and engine building game Pacific Rails Inc. 

It’s a worker placement game, as you would expect and set for 2 to 4 players over 60-90 minutes.

Last year was the 150th anniversary of Transcontinental Railroad in the United States.

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The game comes complete with art from Damien Mammoliti, most well known for the massively complex industrialisation worker placement game, Brass.

Despite this industrialised heritage, it appears to be the first game designed by Dean Morris (according to BGG). Reports suggest that the game is mostly a Euro with a train theme, rather than something heavy like Railways of the World.

The kickstarter is live until 27th January - you can back it HERE



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