Make marvellous machines from marbles in Sushi Go! creator’s Gizmos

10 August 2018
gizmos-03315.png Gizmos
Just don’t feed it after midnight

The next game from Sushi Go! designer Phil Walker-Harding will turn you into a regular Caractacus Potts.

Gizmos seems to be zany Victorian dream factory game Imaginarium by way of magic-brewing marble hit Potion Explosion, as players collect coloured marbles from a 3D dispenser to build and then power increasing bonkers inventions for the Great Science Fair.

Constructing the magnificent machines unlocks the opportunity to chain together new actions and do more and more on your turn, progressing gadgets from pie-in-the-sky ideas on blueprints to R&D projects and finally completed contraptions, adding various effects and bonuses.

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Comboing gizmos together is key to collecting the most victory points by the time someone builds their fourth Level 3 machine or 16th total device, when the scores are totted up.

The marbles are dished out at random by the dispenser, before being stored in rings in front of each player to stop their energy pool rolling off the table.

Walker-Harding was joined on the project by Eric Lang, in his gaming directorial debut at Rising Sun publisher CMON.

Gizmos will be out later this month, with a US release planned for August 31st.


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