Magic: The Gathering’s Unstable expansion sure has a thing for squirrels

23 November 2017
qcjexwx1xpghmwzvu1w0-87051.png Magic's Chittering Doom artwork
First Un- parody set in over a decade out next month

For the first time in over a decade, Magic: The Gathering is getting a new Un- set – the series of self-parodying expansions that take the card-battler’s mechanics in strange and experimental directions.

Unstable is the third such set in the silver-bordered run of cards that aren’t legal in tournament play thanks to their wild gameplay effects, following 2004’s Unhinged and Unglued, which was released almost two decades ago in 1998.

Despite not being available to use in proper competitive matches, the expansions are hugely popular additions to the game both as a result of their dedication to push Magic’s gameplay as far as it will go and their often bonkers themes.

This includes an ongoing love of animals, with Unglued including several cards relating to chickens and clamfolks, while Unhinged focused instead on donkeys and monkeys.

It looks like Unstable will continue the trend, with the reveal that multiple cards in the upcoming expansion will feature squirrels.

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Gizmodo got an early look at some of the cards in the set, showing off three squirrel-themed enchantments and creatures.

We’re especially fond of the Chittering Doom enhancement – although the idea of hundreds of squirrels emerging from the woods might give those less than infatuated with the rodents nightmares.

Meanwhile, the Steel Squirrel has the ability to boost its stats with a die roll and features a punderful dad joke that we’ll leave to you to discover and either laugh or groan at.

Finally there’s the Squirrel Dealer – which is a raccoon with a trench coat full of squirrels, obviously. The card captures the Un sets’ quirky sense of humour, allowing a player to spawn a squirrel creature token – as long as someone they ask outside of the game answers in the positive when asked if they like squirrels.

The article also reveals that squirrels are surprisingly controversial in the Magic community, with Wizards of the Coast’s Mark Purvis saying a good deal of conversation occurred over the likelihood of a squirrel being able to take down a human-sized opponent.

Head over to Gizmodo to get a full look at the cards ahead of Unstable’s release on December 8th.


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