Magic: The Gathering miniatures and a new board game are coming out next year

15 November 2017
OGW_header_preloader-85723.jpg Magic: The Gathering (Wizards of the Coast)
From Star Trek: Attack Wing and D&D Adventure System studio

A new Magic: The Gathering board game and collection of pre-painted models based on the collectible card game have been announced by Star Trek: Attack Wing and D&D Adventure System series studio WizKids.

The currently untitled board game seems to share some similarities with Wizards of the Coast’s previous Magic board game effort Arena of the Planeswalkers, in that players will play as the magical casters and build up their mana from sources around the plane of Dominaria before unleashing a hand of spell cards on their opponents.

Despite this, WizKids told ICv2 that the upcoming project wouldn’t share any rules or components with the 2015 title and would instead feature original gameplay and “a decidedly Euro feel”.

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The range of miniatures, meanwhile, will consist of pre-painted figures sculpted after “token creature card favourites”.

Sat on one-inch bases, the idea is for the models to be used during normal games of Magic to represent the various creatures summoned by either player in the place of token cards.

Both the board game and miniatures collection are due for release next autumn.


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