Magic: The Gathering designer Mike Elliott and RPG creator Jennell Jaquays join the Gaming Hall of Fame

23 June 2017
DCpHhmHU0AE4v9A-89149.jpg Mike Elliott
Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design induct influential talents behind trading card games and roleplaying staples

Two of gaming’s most influential designers have been inducted into the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design Hall of Fame.

Mike Elliott is known for his many contributions to the world of trading card games, including dozens of Magic: The Gathering expansions created over almost a decade at Wizards of the Coast, as well as his own games, including Dice Masters, co-designed with Eric Lang, Quarriors and Thudnerstone.

Inducted alongside Elliott was Jennell Jaquays, a prolific designer of roleplaying games and modules, including several hugely popular and influential Dungeons & Dragons scenarios.

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Jaquays created the D&D fanzine The Dungeoneer in the mid-‘70s and went on to work on several major RPGs, including modules for RuneQuest, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, DragonQuest and more, plus original titles.

She also delved in video game development, working on series including Quake, Age of Empires and Halo Wars.

Elliott and Jaquays join prominent figures from the world of gaming in the Hall of Fame, including Gary Gygax, Greg Stafford, Sandy Petersen, Steve Jackson and more.

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