MadeUp Games unveils Toast

20 January 2016
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A game of poison, deception and flawless etiquette, now live on Kickstarter
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Toast! is a social deduction party game by MadeUp Games, designed for the start or end of an evening's board gaming, or as an after dinner game. It features elegant and tactile components goblets, napkins and glass pebbles representing wine and poison to set the scene for a very civilised party game of deception and death!

The game has launched on Kickstarter, with design complete and beautiful art representative of the final quality. It will be available worldwide at a £23 ($34 / €31) pledge level, including free shipping to most countries. Previewers of the game have been generous with their praise, and occasionally wowed!

It has become an unfortunate trend amongst the ruthless aristocracy of Otravia to assassinate their rivals by poisoning during the toasts at their formal functions. In an attempt to discourage this, an elaborate and bizarre etiquette has developed around these toasts. However, this has only succeeded in weeding out the less cunning, ruthless and lucky,
with those that remain being true masters of this deadly sport....

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In a round of play, goblets are arranged in a circle in the middle of the table, one in front of each player, such that players can’t see their contents. Players take turns to secretly place wine, poison or antidote tokens into the goblets, switching the goblets around, or using their characters special abilities. Each player has a target, and their aim is to ensure that, when the round is ended by someone calling for the Toast and the players all ‘drink’, their target’s goblet is poisoned and theirs is safe!

[article submitted by Tim Page]


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