Machi Koro Legacy tells a new story in the Japanese dice-roller next year

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06 August 2018
mk-legacy-57394.png Machi Koro Legacy
Endless replayable after the ten-game campaign ends

Machi Koro is the next game to get a legacy spin-off.

Machi Koro Legacy has been in the works for over three years, with Pandemic Legacy and Betrayal Legacy designer Rob Daviau teaming up with Fireball Island reinventor JR Honeycutt and original Machi Koro creator Masao Suganuma to give the game a legacy makeover.

The new standalone game will include a story set in the fast-growing city that takes place across ten separate matches, with the usual potential for permanent changes and surprise twists.

The gameplay is said to stick closely to Machi Koro’s loop of rolling dice to collect income and construct buildings, in order to collect even more income and build bigger buildings and so on.

Understandably, publisher Pandasaurus is coy about revealing exactly how the legacy mechanics will work, with hints of exploration, choices and a way of keeping everyone in the running, even if they’re set to lose one match.

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The game will be replayable once the campaign ends, too, with a unique spin on the game based on each group’s decisions and actions.

The story itself is teased as being Japanese-inspired, with the involvement of Japanese RPG director and writer Nobuaki Takerube, the creator of roleplaying game Tokyo NOVA. Machi Koro artist Nobura Hotta returns to maintain the game’s signature visual style.

Machi Koro Legacy rolls into town in spring 2019.


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